Meet the Hip Hop King: H3TheArtist

Meet the Hip Hop King: H3TheArtist

There's a new hip-hop artist on the rise, and his name is H3TheArtist. This young rapper is quickly gaining a following in the music industry, and his unique sound is sure to take him to the top. H3TheArtist is definitely an artist to watch in 2022!


The Early Years

H3The Artist, AKA Steven Scott, credits his musical prowess to his creative upbringing. Throughout his childhood, Scott spent most of his time in his father's studio and was constantly immersed in a musical environment. His mother was a singer, his father a music producer, and the lyricism of his favorite musician, Kendrick Lamar, echoed through his mind nonstop.


A New Era of Hip-Hop

H3TheArtist is passionate about changing the game when it comes to hip-hop and the music industry in general. With strong songwriting abilities, his lyrics touch on the ups and downs of life while capturing emotion through the melodies and beats.


The Mission

When it comes to reaching people through his music, H3TheArtist aims to inspire and encourage people through his own experiences rather than being just another new artist on the scene. As an emerging artist in Atlanta, H3TheArtist is making his mark.



With more than 100k streams on SoundCloud, his debut album "The Dreams" landed H3TheArtist a championship in Soulja Boy's 2019 SODMG Indie Mega Fest as well as a performance on BETs "Who Wants To Make It" competition. H3TheArtist is not an artist to sleep on.

Discover the Hip-Hop King

It's easy to discover new music by H3TheArtist on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, and other music streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more information about new releases, tour dates, and more!